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Take the first step towards developing a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

Available across Ontario ● No Waitlist ● Accepted by most major insurance providers ● Online and In-Person Sessions 


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If you are feeling...

✔️ Lost

✔️ Anxious
✔️ Broken
✔️ Inauthentic
✔️ Disconnected
✔️ Isolated
✔️ Powerless
✔️ Stuck
✔️ Depressed

Men often wait until it's too late to get help.

It doesn't have to be this way. 


We work with men across Ontario to help better understand themselves, develop healthier relationships, and heal the wounds from the past.


Feeling stuck, broken, disconnected or lost is something most men experience at some point in their lives, yet it's often overlooked or brushed aside. If you're here, it shows you're taking a proactive step towards understanding yourself better and finding a way forward.


Whether it's questioning your role as a father, son, or partner, dealing with overwhelming emotions like anger or guilt, or simply feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you, you're not alone. Exploring these feelings and seeking support is a powerful way to navigate life's challenges and discover a path towards greater fulfillment and resilience.

Through working with us, clients start to relate, function, and connect with themselves and others in a more healthy and authentic way.

Video: Learn more about our dedication to men's mental health 


Adam Gelinas

Registered Psychotherapist & Founder


We are now a team of therapists that work with men and their partners in Ottawa and all across Ontario.

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first step mens therapy counselling services

Take your first step today!

Whether it is your first time in therapy or you are looking to start again, we hope to join you on your journey. Taking the first step requires courage, willingness, commitment, and a hope for something better.

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