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Group Therapy
You don’t have to suffer alone - join a supportive group!

first step mens therapy - group therapy

Are you… 

✔️ Struggling with anger, pornography, or another mental health concern?

✔️ Tired of feeling alone in your issues and struggles?
✔️ Wanting to work with other men struggling with similar challenges and difficulties?

We create a space for men to work in groups led by an experienced therapist that can help you understand yourself better while working with other men to find healthier ways to relate, live, and grow.

Group therapy may be right for you if you’re…

✔️ Looking for a unique opportunity to connect with other who may be experiencing similar challenges or struggles

✔️ Wanting to gain different perspectives and insights from fellow group members who offer diverse viewpoints and feedback

✔️ Seeking a more cost-effective method for learning, allowing you to grow and share in a way that is financially affordable

Frequently Asked Questions

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