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Therapy for Individuals
A healthy relationship with yourself is possible! 

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Are you… 

✔️ Feeling disconnected from yourself,  your loved ones, or society?

✔️ Questioning whether you are a good father, son, or partner?
✔️ Dealing with feelings of anger, overwhelm, powerlessness, guilt, or being stuck?

Many men struggle with their mental health without seeking help or reaching out for support. Often, this struggle may lead to addiction, anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, suicidal ideation, poor relationships, grief, low self-esteem, or low self-worth. First Step Men's Therapy offers a safe, warm, and inviting space for men to heal, learn, and grow.

We help men develop healthier relationships with themselves and those around them. 

Individual therapy may be for you if…

✔️ You are looking to learn, grow, and heal and have decided to take the first step in your mental health journey

Frequently Asked Questions

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