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Patrick Turcotte


Associate Therapist

Registered Social Worker

In-Person (Ottawa) and Online

Tout service en santé mentale peut également être offert en français. Travailleur social clinique entièrement bilingue.

As a man with personal and professional experiences regarding popular perceptions and internalized impressions of boyhood and masculinity, I have great appreciation for the unique mental health realities and challenges that men face. Recognizing the stigma and possible shame associated with seeking out therapeutic services and the consequential reality that men can struggle in silence, I believe it takes great courage and strength to seek out help.

I am extremely motivated by the opportunity to accompany men as they open the doors and learn about themselves, reflect on their past and current experiences, and acquire the necessary tools and skills to effectively navigate their challenges and meet their needs. It is my goal to make mental health interventions relatable, safe, beneficial and tailored to each person’s needs.

As men, we tend to be our own worst critic and can have rigid expectations towards ourselves, which can have an important impact on the relationship we foster and maintain with our own person and with our environment. There is no health without mental health, and mental health can be more than the absence of mental illness. You deserve to have your mental health and wellbeing tended to- we train our physical health, we can also train our mental health.

Men can expect to be greeted in a non-judgmental, open and respectful environment, and to feel heard, supported and encouraged as they take steps in their desired direction. I am committed to making each person’s therapeutic goals, our goals, and to walking the journey with you.

You deserve this. I look forward to joining you on your journey of growth, discovery, and healing.

Patrick Turcotte


Registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers # 828980

Bachelor of Social Work - University of Ottawa (2016)

Master of Social Work - University of Western Ontario (2017)

ASIST certified

AQPS certified

Training in DBT

Training in school-based CBT

Trauma-informed clinician


Anxiety & Depression

Stress Management

Compulsive Behaviours and Addictions

Behavioural changes

Men’s Issues


Emotional Regulation/Anger

Relationship Issues/Communication


Life Transitions

Self-Esteem and Self-worth

Work-life balance/ Burnout

Types of therapy:


$180 (HST exempt)

Favourite Book: The Body Keeps the Score- Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.  and The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Christopher Germer

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