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How to get the most out of online therapy

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

First Step Men's Therapy helps men across Ontario, Canada develop healthier relationships with themselves and others. We offer individual, couples, and group counselling to men and their families online using our secure telehealth platform.

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Can online therapy help me?

The pandemic elevated the use and scope of virtual therapy that has carried on as health mandates end and the world moves back to many in-person settings.

As a virtual mental health clinic, we know that it can be a difficult choice to choose between in-person sessions and online therapy sessions. Studies have shown that online therapy can be as beneficial and effective as in-person therapy. What is most important is typically the therapist-client relationship and the ability to work with someone you trust, feel comfortable with, and can open up to about your struggles or needs.

What are some of the benefits of online therapy?

Some of the benefits of online therapy include:

  • the ability to have a therapy session from the comfort of your physical space without commuting to an office or getting stuck in traffic

  • accessing mental health services that may not be available in-person in your city or region

  • having a session throughout the day, during a lunch break, or after work without going into an office or physical space

  • finding a therapist that may specialize in a certain issue that may not be available in your area (i.e. sex addiction therapist, trauma specialist, first responders clinician)

How to make the most of your online therapy sessions

  • ensure a private space that is comfortable and has no distractions - kids, pets, cellphone, or email notifications

  • have a strong, secure Wi-Fi connection

  • find a good fit with a therapist that can work effectively through a virtual therapeutic lens

  • block off time in your schedule - having a few minutes before and after a session

  • have a self-care ritual post-session - as you won't have to commute, spending a few minutes after a session to journal, reflect, or practice self-care can be a great ritual throughout your therapy journey and beyond

  • If using a phone, prop your phone or IPad up against something so that you don't have to hold it for the session

  • get comfortable - try to mimic the therapy space in an office while at home and find a comfortable setting to work and explore

  • find a good light - try to avoid having your computer or phone in front of a window or strong light as it may be difficult for your therapist to see you within the session

  • speak to your therapist about any distractions, noises, or challenges you might anticipate or face within the session (a great way to practice communication with your therapist!)

We suggest you try online therapy to see if it feels right.

We recommend booking a 20-minute consultation call with one of our experienced therapists to see how it fits and feels for you. We offer individual, couples, and group therapy across Ontario through our online platform via JaneApp.

JaneApp is a telehealth platform that offers encrypted, secure sessions. You will be sent a link 30 minutes prior to each session that can allow you to access your session either on a desktop or a cellphone.

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First Step Men's Therapy is 100% online men's mental health clinic operating across Ontario. We offer individual, group, and couples therapy using our secure platform. We specialize in sex addiction, porn addiction, performance anxiety, grief, anxiety, anger, trauma, first responders, depression, shame, and relationship issues. Book a 20-minute complimentary consultation today!

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